"The past is history. The present is past. The future is now."
- Joshua Joyce, founder KSI
RIG is a group of passionate visionaries, hardcore technologists & creative minds who are truly excited about the future and its impact. With its expertise & experience spanning across  Robotics, Machine Learning, Data Sciences, Computation, Computer Vision, Graphics, Image Processing, Embedded Systems, Application Development, Networking and more, are rightly capable of envisioning the big picture of tomorrow's future. With our endeavour towards efficiency in resource management with advanced computing & being as tool enablers for next-gen innovators, creators and developers keep us motivated to push our limits to boundless possibilities.

At RIG solutions Group Corp., we're looking at the next 40 years and beyond with a spirit for innovation & revolution in the way we live & perceive things. Since its establishment, the RIG.solutions Group has consistently operated under the vision of becoming a company contributing to a better future of the world.
Engraving at every step we take towards next Revolution
May 2012
A Group of like minds undergraduates with diverse expertise & freelance experience meet as team at computer graphics workshop for a national level government project IDH
Jun 2012
With Common aspirations and great synergy start working on research projects as team and later incorporated as research & IT services company, RIG.solutions
Aug 2012
Accomplished government research projects for DRDO and for other major enterprise client projects on record sprint speeds. Leading to Offical technology partnerships.
Jan 2013
Received 1st Awarded at TIECON for Best Student Startup. Recognized as TIE Global Community member.
Set 2013
Entered 3D Mapping & Visualization domain, catering services to Real-Estate builders & Tourism departments from government
Dec 2013
Launched our first product Xtrude3D, a CAD automation tool that can convert 2D image/hand sketch to Data rich 3D Object in secs. Used in visualization & reconstruction.
Sep 2014
Started Operations in North American & Canada market. New Office at San Francisco, USA & Sales Unit in Vancouver.
Jun 2015
Ventured in media post-production services with VOXEL studios. Providing solutions, consultation & services to feature films, ad agencies & digital media companies.
Nov 2015
Started Operations in UAE & European market. New Office at Dubai, UAE.
Feb 2016
Data warehouse & networking services with RIGSOL networks. Providing solutions, consultation & services to enterprises, educational institutes & hospitality industry.
Aug 2016
Designed & Developed our 1st Hardware product, SolderX. A single handed, ambidextrous & motorized soldering gun.
Oct 2016
Ventured in Automation & Robotics with Grobotics. Providing solutions, consultation & services to manufacturing, Product Design & Commercial uses.
Nov 2016
Launched Prackr.com, worlds #1st unified progress tracking platform with time-stamped acknowledgements with blockchain technology
Sep 2017
RIG.solutions is now RIGSOL Group. Our products & services come together as new Group that directs towards creating solutions for the present with technology from the future
Envisioning The Future
Revolution in Generation
Our vision is to be a leading Research and development organization in the areas of Computer Vision, Graphics, Artificial Intelligence, Embedded systems and IT services. We aspire to bring a revolution in the generation of technology and portray our ability to revolutionize the technology. We believe that we are and would continue to serve the humanity through our endeavours in the form of great products and services which revolutionize the way we perceive our world. We believe in our strength to deliver excellent services through rigorous ideation which allows to pioneer sublime products.
What we Believe in
+ Freedom is when power is decentralized
+ Scope of efficiency, is source of innovation
+ Work Hard, have fun & try to be nice to fellow beings!
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empowering by skill is salutary than just charity
The RIGSOL Group proactively plays a unique role through its business operations to contribute to people's skill empowerment, helping them create value for themselves & back to the community.
Our CSR Principles & INTERESTS
digital education in RURAL india
India has the world's largest youth demographics. Empowering youth with Industry-relevant skills that will help them in securing a better livelihood & create higher value.
protect and value the planet
We truly care about the planet, being resource efficiency company and always strive to build self-sustaining operations. We follow it as a tradition internally of planting a seed on every sale we make.