Robots that Adapt & Evolve
Grobotics envisions an ecosystem of robots that learn & leap forward to adapt to changing necessities. With a modular hardware focusing on uni-functionality and software-driven operations makes space forever growing new possibilities & seamless upgrades
ARM programming
Grobotics is a leading ARM programming company for industrial robots, modular manufacturing systems & setups.  Regardless of application complexity, our team has & is capable programming robots to meet your exact requirement. we offer a complete range of robust services & consultation for robotics, CNC systems, and factory automation requirements, assisting you in improved productivity, product quality and worker safety.
Vision, AI & ML programming
With decades of experience in fields of computer vision, image processing, AI & ML. The team behind Grobotics is the most proficient set of engineers to achieve advanced human operations mimicking. Has proved itself in its previous work, by developing groundbreaking methods for computing real-world objects like the way humans do. With really ambitious goals & projects, the team is set to create the magic again!
A remarkable blend of experienced CAD design & experts from manufacturing and fabrication gives unique abilities and helps in faster product cycles
Our Engineering experts with extensive ROS experience in handling several ROS packages help bring concept to reality with just a matter of vision
Previous Work
Snappy Robotics
A rapid prototyping platform for Automation and Robotics projects and product. This product helps bootstrap any A&R project from 10 hours to 1 hour or less by having readily available parts for most commonly used processes.

+ Using a powerful industrial grade SBC, Toradex Apalis T30
+ Drag and drop programming
+ Made 4 Layered Hi-speed USB2.0 GPIO circuit, with SMD soldered components
+ Custom USB subroutines
+ Every part of the project designed for mass manufacturing
+ Custom Operating system to best optimize performance
+ Node-RED and Johny-five based
+ Supports Raspberry pi, Arduino, NodeMCU, Beaglebone, and most of the boards
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DCS Kinetic Rain
Distributed control System with industrial standards. The demonstration is made with 14 Devices acting as slaves,each driving 3 motors, total 42 motors with each having a silver ball hanging from it. A master is sending the slaves command with modbus via RS485

Configuration of Each board Microcontroller:
AVR ATmega328p
Bootloader: chip45boot2
3 motor drivers
one rs-485 connector
DIN Rail mount

Master Configuration
A computer connected with USB RS-485 converter to the main rail. In the computer is a GUI software to run the motors in real-time or configure the animation so as to be dumped on a on-site master board.
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A warehouse material handling robot, based on Rapid Prototyping Robotics platform

+ Rapid Prototyped bot
+ Using our own powerful board, Snappy T30
+ Track based bot, with load carrying capacity of 50kgs
+ To be up and running with just few minutes of drag and drop programming
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A precision horticulture 2D mapping using cost effective Lidar.

+ Using Robot Operating System
+ Using Intel NUC on board as the CPU
+ RPlidar by RoboPeak working at 5Hz with range of 6 meters
+ Whole system error of 1.08% of the actual reading.
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A software made with electron and node.js

+ Tiva launchpad 430
+ Software to control multiple boards at once
+ Focuses on distributed control from a central software
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